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Oi! I'm Monty!
To many's surprise my name is Jakub Medyński. Born in Gdańsk, Poland, raised in Stockholm, Sweden. It's hard to summarize one's life in couple sentences, yet here's my try on my origin: Since a kid I've been filled with love to nature and sound thanks to my amazing parents who love travels, trekking, organized events, singing, music, and all that with our big family of friends. My programming has been diversified with countless actions like karate, swimming, computer club, chess, cooking, biking, football, climbing, painting, and much more. Yet nothing stuck to as much as dancing, music, scouting and LEGO. I give all the gratitude to the EPIC teachers who shaped my path with patience and belief, and who, despite my stubbornness and disobedience, gave me chance after chance to gather more and more experience. Thanks to all other people, who constantly probed my own understanding of the world. Who pushed me towards formulation of questions, which I've ever since than been seeking answers too. After almost 28 cycles around the earth, I've tried myself within another endless amount of disciplines, which of computer science, group dynamics, trance, and ecocentrism has caught my attention for the moment. Setting my class description in the game of life to: Bard Hacker Scout, or leaving more to imagination – a wizard. Main skills of greater magnitude: • Teleportation (appearing in the perfect time in the right place) • Invisibility (fluorescent colored jacket and other shiny objects) • Manifestation (asking for whatever is needed and making something out of nothing) • Focus (being able to navigate the attention of the surrounding)
BE PREPARED! – Robert Baden-Powell


Dancing thought the world sharing unconditional love and joy wherever I appear. In belief that everything can live in harmony with help of setting example by oneself. We are provided with abundance by earth, in all fields. All that has to be done is sharing it. So thence my current mission – maintaining safe space for the surrounding to grow to their own conclusions. Sometimes pushing people that I love to reach our full potential faster, but only a messure to improve my own communication skills. As a side project working on gathering and developing methods for overwriting fear and traumatic programs – building courage and self- love. Since mid June of 2023 I've started to play electronic music on various events, so far on 11 of them with 23 sets played, ragning from 30min to 10h. As of now I took the jump into the sea of Sound Engineering, and hopefully will be able to performe live acts in Europe during summer.


Q: How to help? A: Share whatever you got, with whomever needs it! Q: But I don't have anything to share, what can I do? A: You always can gift love! As much as a simple smile or a kind word can be enough to break a loop and free one's mind. Another suggestion is to ask other being for help. That creates opportunities for them to share. Sharing for isn't only about giving, it's as well receiving, keepin the energy in balance. Q: How do I know who needs what? A: Observer and ask. Sometimes you can feel(see, hear, smell, etc) what other beings need, and if you're not sure you can always ask! Q: Other being don't accept my help, why? A: Often we try to help in our own way, not really trying to understand the need of other being. Simple misunderstanding can lead to conflicts. Listen carefully and try to figure out together what you want. Q: How can I help you personally? A: Everything runs on some nutrition, my is simply joy. I'm rich in the currency of time yet sometimes I've to spend it on gathering resources. If you know that you have enough for yourself and would like to share some of your resources just reach me, or choose yourself:
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Please consider donating at least one charity with spare money which you would spend on sweets or other non-vital purchases. One suggestion is a charity supported by one of my favorite content creators Peter Hadfield aka potholer54Health in Harmony I need some help with maintaining the website, I like the format yet it could be more adaptive, so just message me if you want to contribute. The project is on GitHub so you can look thorught it yourself and suggest some changes.


Here is list of some of my favourite places I've visited so far: • Free festivals, working as a volunteer! Strong 10/10 • Canary Islands, Spain • Southern Portugal, all along the coast. • Make Music Day, 21 June – 120 countries, specially France, Montpellier. • Open Communities accepting Volunteers, best place to pick up life lasting skills and friends. • Rainbow Gatherings, all around the world. • Barcelona, talk to jugglers/flow artists and join them. • You see someone doing something you'd like to try, just ask them! Where I've been seen lately: • Tenerife, Spain • North Goa, India • Kathmandu/Pokhara, Nepal • World Rainbow Gathering, Nepal • Festivals in Poland. Where to see me: ‣ Rainbow Gathering Spain – NOW! ‣ Jun 19-23, Unity Gathering, PL ‣ Jun 27-30, Fruń Freedom Festival, PL ‣ Jul 03-06, Terra, LV. ‣ Jul 10-14, Festiwal Totem, PL ‣ Sep 06-08, Sielanka, PL


Every tool can be used to advantage, yet if used improperly it can do damage. That should explain my choose of platforms. It might take me a while until I get connected to the grid next time, so write don't get discouraged, just try again soon!